Programs, Projects, and Code Repository

Here be my Euphoria programs, projects, and code snippets.

2004.12.05 Windows interface for the Euphoria bots competition engine by Patrick Barnes.
2004.10.01 Computerized die roller, including the Perfect Percentile Dice (3d34) and a coin flip. You can also define your own die rolls ("4d6-Highest," "4d8-1d6," "d6*2," etc.).
2004.10.01 A program to compare bell curve graphs plotted from the roll of dice.
2004.09.01 A program to manage countdown timers for a video recording studio.
2004.09.01 3D graphics with an easy-to-make Win32Lib interface. Start planning the next killer game!
2004.08.01 What you need to do to make your Apache server run EUPHORIA CGI scripts on Windows systems. Sample Euphoria script
2004 A program that allows you to take a digital photograph and apply new designs to a selected surface. For instance, this would be useful for seeing what different wallpapers would look like on a living room wall. This is being done for possible resale, so I cannot release the code. If, however, the contract does not get signed, I will try to market it.
2005 A program to help manage a GURPS game.
WIN FastMenu
2004.10.21 Code for easier menu management. See here for details.
2004.07.01 Code to obtain a disk drive's serial number, useful in a software protection scheme since it is generally a unique number.
2003.11.15 A simple text-mode EDS database editor. Simple and fast for those quick database maintenance tasks. Tested and working in FreeBSD and Windows 2000... will probably work on all platforms supported by Euphoria. Nov 15: Major update! Automatic and manual backups. Scrolling lists. Bug fixes. More! See change_log.txt for all the info.
2004.05.04 An enhanced version of Irv Mullins' dialogs.e, this adds functionality like PgUp/PgDn, Home/End, type-to-find (you type "rec" and it goes to first list item starting with "rec"), etc. Auto-centering dialogs. Documentation is yet to be done, but it's great for text-mode UI. May 4: Added keys.e to archive.
2003.09.26 A cross-platform include file you can use to access Euphoria EDS bible databases. This zip file also includes a Win32Lib-based program for a demonstration.
2003.09.26 Each version of the Bible database is composed of two tables: "BOOKS" and "VERSE_TEXT." Indexed with {book, chapter, verse} which allows for extremely fast retrieval of text (index {1,1,1} is Genesis 1:1!).
   King James Version - American Standard Version - World English Bible
2002.04.05 This program solves simple letter-substitution ciphers. It received first place in the RDS April 2002 programming contest!
2000.01.19 A program that converts base 10 numbers to a large base, such as 254. So, the number '1234567890' in base-62 would be '1LY7VK,' a 40% savings in storage space (length).