About this Web Site

This site is being served with Euphoria CGI code on an Apache server running on Linux.

The pages are being compiled with a Euphoria CGI system, and soon it will be served entirely with a Euphoria database backend. For the moment, only the news articles are being served via a database.

The News Database

The news database consists of records composed of three fields (for now): title, date, and text. I have a news article template that looks like this:

	<div class="newsitem">
		<p class="newstitle">{1}</p>
		<span class="newsdate">{2}</span> <span class="newstext">{3}</span>

The first field of each record goes in the {1} location, the second field gets put at the {2}, and the third field goes... well, I bet you know where. It does this for each record in the database, appending a new filled template for each record.

I'm going to be adding additional features, like record selection, field naming, etc. Stay tuned!

If you have any questions, ask me.