EUPHORIA + OpenGL Programmers Wanted!

I've released a beta of a Win32Lib + OpenGL app... It looks and works great! There may be a few bugs, so help me track 'em down. (Screenshots are at the bottom of the page.)

If you know how to load and display models, please contact me with some working code.


You will need the following to use the Win32Lib + OpenGL code:

  1. Euphoria from RapidDeployment Software
  2. OpenGL
  3. Win32Lib by Derek Parnell
  4. EuControls by Tommy Carlier
  5. TrueGL by Daniel Kluss

I have also provided *.prj files for Judith's IDE.

These are ZIP files, so be prepared.

  1. Win32Lib + OpenGL Window Basic Window
  2. Win32Lib + OpenGL Shapes Explorer
  3. Win32Lib + OpenGL Pyramids
  4. Win32Lib + OpenGL Test


Screenshot: Win32Lib + OpenGL Euphoria App

You can even call up a console and type on it ("exit" will close the app).

Screenshot: Win32Lib + OpenGL Euphoria App (2)

All the buttons work. SpinBall and SpinDisc work perfect. You can click on the bitmap and move the object (as you can see in the screenshot above), or rotate it on its x/y axes.

Screenshot: Win32Lib + OpenGL Euphoria App (Pyramids)